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Procurance is a turnkey solution for brands, retailers and other value-chain partners to manage the sustainability of their supply chains.

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The Challenge and Opportunity

Ensuring sustainability of key products and ingredients, from coffee, palm oil and sugar to cobalt, cotton and apparel, is challenging.


Opaque and complex supply chains perpetuate serious environmental and human rights issues. Beyond their intrinsic harm to humans and the environment, these issues also create significant reputational risks to companies, missed opportunities to build a brand with significant customer segments and can have implications as far-reaching as talent loss and legal consequences stemming from a growing body of international laws from the UK Modern Slavery Act, to similar laws set by the US and UN.


Who We Work With

Procurance provides solutions to companies that source and produce products across a number of industries including food and beverages (including coffee, tea, juices and pulps, sugar, corn syrup, palm oil, beef, seafood, palm oil, etc.), personal care and beauty, apparel, paper products, and consumer electronics. Procurance’s unique ability to provide a wholistic view across a company’s entire supply chain makes it particularly valuable to companies seeking to monitor sustainability across multiple ingredients.

Major brands, retailers and investors, such as McDonald’s, Walmart and Blackrock, have begun to respond with concrete commitments to invest and source according to ethical standards that apply throughout the supply chain.



Procurance is a turnkey solution for brands, retailers and other value-chain partners to manage the sustainability of their supply chains. Procurance includes software and services (S&S) to


from direct suppliers to raw materials


key social, environmental or economic risks


using various sources from satellite maps to field audits


of efforts to resolve issues and make a positive impac

Procurance can deploy a configured solution in a matter of weeks, at a fraction of the cost of developing a custom solution from scratch or attempting to assemble a coherent approach using an off-the-shelf technology.  The Procurance approach and tools are the products of more than a decade of dedicated industry and supply chain experts, statisticians, data scientists and developers, and have been refined over tens of thousands of field applications across six continents, yielding best in class results. 


The Procurance Difference

Procurance combines intelligent web and mobile-based tools, developed using globally-aligned metrics and methodology for risk detection, advanced analytics that combine micro-data with satellite data (e.g. deforestation maps) to provide actionable insights to procurement, marketing and sustainability managers.  Complementary advisory services go beyond identifying risks, to addressing them, as part of a turnkey solution. Procurance is the only turnkey solution of its kind on the market, and provides a solution for all key ingredients in one platform.

Learn how Procurance can radically enhance your ability to manage sustainability within your supply chain.

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