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Daniele Giovannucci.fw.png

Daniele Giovannucci

Daniele brings broad experience as a senior business executive in the processing and export...

Matthew Himmel.fw.png

Matthew Himmel

Matthew leads development of platforms map traceability and supplier compliance and..

Jessica Mullan.fw.png

Jessica Mullen

Jessica leads diverse aspects of our advanced measurement systems including the work...

Agustín Escobar.fw.png

Ric Rhinehart

Ric served from 2007-19 as the Executive Director and CEO of the Specialty Coffee Association...

Sylvia Calfat.fw.png

Sylvia Calfat

Sylvia leads the implementation of innovative programs and approaches to improve...

Saurin Nanavati.fw.png

Saurin Nanavati

Saurin is an Advisor to Procurance, specializing in Organizational and Business Development...

Ric Rhinehart.fw.png

Agustin Escobar

Agustin brings strong technical experience implementing national and international standards including